1. How do I load my cards into the card case of the CLICK & SLIDE?

You load the card case by pushing up to a maximum of 5 Cards (Note: a mix of embossed and flat cards) all together on block – not separately, into the aluminium card case until the cards click into place. You can hear a click sound the moment it clicks into place. Do not push cards down with too much force or against resistance. A minimum of three cards together on block is required to load your CLICK & SLIDE wallet.


2. How many cards do I need in order to ensure a proper functionality of the CLICK & SLIDE card case?

The card case of the CLICK & SLIDE works best and most effectively with 4 to 5 cards (Note: a mix of embossed and flat cards). If you use 5 cards only with embossment and not mixed, they might get stuck in the aluminum case and will not come out. Please look at point 5 for a guide on how to solve this, should your cards get stuck.
The CLICK & SLIDE aluminium card case is not created for less than 3 cards inside the case. Single cards could fall or jump out due to the spring function and deviations in card dimensions. Therefore do not put in one card after an other, as it is not designed to work with only 1 or 2 cards.

3. How can I prevent my cards from falling out of the card case of the CLICK & SLIDE?

After your cards are clicked into place, push the “One Touch” button upwards for an additional locking of your cards.


4. How do I release my cards from the card case of the CLICK & SLIDE?

Push the “One Touch” button downwards with the tip of your right hand thumb in order to release your cards from the aluminium card case. Your cards will slide out in a staggered and convenient way so you can easily take out the card of your choice.


5. What should I do in case my cards get stuck and I can’t release them from the aluminium card case?

At first, push the “One Touch” button downwards as if you would want to release the cards from the card case and hold it while you tap an edge of the card case against a flat and hard surface such as a table. After a few seconds of tapping against the surface, the cards will slide out a bit and you can take them out of the card case.