Compared to regular wallets and purses made from leather, TRU VIRTU® aluminium cases protect cards and documents from illegal data theft – so called RFID-Scanning.

RFID-Scanning (RFID = Radio Frequency Identification) is when personal data, which is increasingly stored on RFID-chips on credit cards, debit cards and even new ID-cards and passports, is illegally scanned.

In this case, data from RFID-chips is detected and read out by mobile scanners from a short distance – they can even scan through regular leather wallets, purses and pant- and jacket pockets.

TRU VIRTU® products, on the other hand, are made from a fully sealed aluminium-polymer-compound. This is what keeps the scanner’s radio waves from getting in touch with the RFID-chip and hereby blocks the scanning and protects the stored data.

TRU VIRTU® products meet the highest safety standards and were successfully tested in the USA according to the „GSA-Opaque Sleeve” method.


TRU VIRTU® aluminium cases offer two additional important protectoral functions next to RFID-protection: protection against demagnetisation and mechanical protection.

The fully sealed aluminium-polymer compound of TRU VIRTU® products protects cards from electromagnetic radiation and therefore from demagnetisation, which can be caused not only by mobile phones and notebooks, but also through magnets from purses and wallets.

Compared to regular wallets and purses made from leather, aluminium cases by TRU VIRTU® also protect their entire content against mechanical damage e.g. breaking apart and denting, weather related influences such as snow, rain, sand and liquids.

That’s why TRU VIRTU® products make a perfect „pocket-safe” in mini-format.