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Wallet CLICK & SLIDE Cherry Blossom/Silver

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  • Diseñado y hecho en Alemania
  • Espacio para 12 cartas de plástico (Estuche de aluminio: 5 tarjetas, mezcla de un máximo de 4 con relieve y una plana/ Funda de cuero auténtico: hasta 7 tarjetas, billetes, recibos y tarjetas de contacto)
  • El estuche de aluminio da seguridad al RFID
  • Funda de cuero auténtico deja la utilización de las cartas “Tap & Go“
  • Acceso rápido a las tarjetas importantes gracias a la tecnología “One-Touch“
The TRU VIRTU® "CLICK & SLIDE" wallet is not much bigger than a credit card. With a touch of a... more

The TRU VIRTU® "CLICK & SLIDE" wallet is not much bigger than a credit card. With a touch of a finger and without opening it, a maximum of 5 cards (mix of max. 4 embossed and 1 flat cards) slide out automatically in staggered form. Thanks of the clever "One-Touch" technology, the "CLICK & SLIDE" is very easy to use with just one hand. The inner aluminium case protects your cards against illegal data theft of NFC/RFID chips and demagnetization. The leather-envelope made of the finest Italian leather offers additional space for extra cards, business cards and banknotes and has the additional advantage that "Tap & Go" cards can be used conveniently. Made in Germany.


User Manual

  1. Load Cards Push max. 5 cards down on block until they ''click'' 1load-cards.png
  2. Secure Cards Push button upwards for locking of cards no-card-250x240px
  3. Release Cards Push button down – cards will slide out in a staggered way release-cards-250x240px
  • alu-case for max. 5 plastic cards (mix of max. 4 embossed + 1 flat cards)/ Leather-envelope for up to 7 cards
  • Cards must comply with the ISO / IEC 7810 standard
  • Due to deviations in card dimensions, single cards might fall out or jam
  • Shaking the case overhead is not part of a “normal” usage
  • For further information: https://truvirtu.com/en/faq
Color: PINK
Warranty: 2 Years
Dimensions: 99 x 67 x 21 mm / 92 g
Material: Leather, aluminium
Coin pocket: No
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